asp-young researcher conference

Dear young researchers,

as part of the 54th annual meeting of the German Society for Sport Psychology in Münster, we would like to invite you to the asp young scientists conference at the sports campus of the WWU Münster!

From 14th to 16th of June you will have the opportunity to present a variety of contributions related to your own doctoral work, such as the planned structure of the doctoral project, current studies and manuscripts, or dissertation presentations. The doctoral candidates have approx. 45 minutes each for the presentation and subsequent discussion of the content and further development of the contribution. The doctoral candidates are divided into four small groups of 5-8 persons depending on their research interests. These groups will be personally accompanied by our experienced mentors:

In addition to that, two lectures are also offered, which aim at presenting relevant topics of academic and practical work in sports psychology. Both lectures will take place in cooperation with the dvs Sportpädagogik 2022 young scientists conference.

The Young Researchers Conference will be rounded off by a joint evening event of the asp-Young Researchers Conference and the Young Professionals Conference of the dvs Section of Sports Education. There will be the opportunity to network and explore the city together. More information and the detailed programme of our Young Researchers conference will be added soon and continuously updated. The conference will take place from 14 June 2022 12 noon to 16 June 2022 12 noon, so it will be possible to attend the opening of the main conference.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Your organisation team

Robert, Lena, Vera & Tim

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